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Trail-Rite's Magical Ointment
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Trail-Rite Magical Ointment

This ointment has a great history for healing & getting rid of the dreaded Scratches. Wash & dry area, apply ointment, wrap to keep clean, keep on for 1-2 days. On very bad cases, repeat if necessary. Works great on all other types of cuts, bed, cinch & saddle sores.

Nothing I could say would prepare you for this ointment. If you have scratches or just minor cuts & galls on your horse, you will be amazed at the results. Below are a few of the many enthusiastic letters I have received from happy customers:

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I have been trying to concentrate on a single thing that the ointment cured and talk about it. Nothing came to mind individually. In thinking about it... I have been using Trailrite's Magical ointment for 10 years since Trail-rite Ranch and Products moved in as neighbors.

When thinking about what I used the ointment for in order to write about it, I realized that it is my first "go to" for any nick, scrape, bump, bite, cut or wound that I see on my horses (dogs, chickens and occasionally "me"). I cover the area liberally and find that it protects, keeps the flies off and aids in healing. It does not easily rub off so it is not necessary to keep re applying unless you have a wound or problem that needs constant cleansing.

Thanks Tammy for all the research, fortitude, and work you put into developing this product.

Judy Clark, J & B Ranch
Saugus, CA. 91390

Hey Tammy,

I love your Magical Ointment. I used it on my mare “Kay” after Tevis this year and it cleared her scratches up within a couple of weeks. She was very thankful! Her pain actually cleared up within about 2 days...

I still remember when I was at your place and you were showing me Katie (?) who had just run into a fence and got a lot of stitches in her chest. You had placed your MO on the cut, and were looking around for some fly ointment to keep the flies off. I mentioned that I use your ointment on all of my horse’s scrapes and scratches since it was such a great antibiotic ointment, and it kept the flies off so very well. Surprise! "New" applications for "old" treatments!

Rebecca Florio, DVM


Tammy -

A recent issue of Trail Blazer had an article about scratches. They included photos and info from me about treating scratches. I used Trail Rite Magical Ointment. As you know I've been a fan of it since probably 2000. I took plenty with me on the '01 XP, and even used it on the Duck's horses. Lots of horses on that event had scratches. Mine didn't. hmmmm...wonder if TR Ointment as a preventative was the reason? I rode 2 horses more miles in that event than anybody, and had no scratches problems.

Love the stuff. Recommend it to others, definitely.

Karen Chaton, XP Endurance Ride Manager

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