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Trail-Rite Magical Ointment $8.50

This ointment has a great history for healing & getting rid of the dreaded Scratches. Wash & dry area, apply ointment, wrap to keep clean, keep on for 1-2 days. On very bad cases, repeat if necessary. Works great on all other types of cuts, bed, cinch & saddle sores.

Ingredients: white petrolatum, lanolin, sulfur, zinc oxide, Oil of Thuja, scarlet red and phenol.

Nothing I could say would prepare you for this ointment. If you have scratches or just minor cuts & galls on your horse, you will be amazed at the results. So what I have done is post some of my current customers remarks on what they experienced.


"I also swear on the Magic Ointment. It works wonders on any kind of cut or scratches. A must have at all times." Peggie Norton, Las Vegas Distance Riders Club, Inc.

"Hi. I bought some cream to help scratches on my horse and the scratches disappeared within 3 days!" Deb Aldridge

"I just could not wait till you wrote to ridecamp so that I could tell you what a great product you have. I bought your trail rite magical ointment this spring? just in case my horses would get scratches? Well they got them last week? Last year I could not ride the one mare all summer due to scratches. I tried everything? I used your ointment for 3 day? YES, Only three days? and my scratches are all gone? Thank you so much for this wonderful product." Sue Barlage

"Your product is wonderful & worked on old chronic scratches & you sent it so promptly that I wanted to be sure & pay immediately." Donna Almond

"Thank you The stuff is magic!" Sharon McClain

"I sure wish I had taken photos for you to follow my testimony. I have a mare that we put out on 40 acres in July. About three weeks ago the end of her nose broke out in these horrible scabs (actually looked a lot like warts)
It was difficult to tell whether they were caused by dew poisoning, sunburn (very white nose), or an allergic reaction. My vet came out for other purposes and she said she had no idea what it was or how to treat it. She figured anything you put on it would be off in 10 minutes, and suggested just letting it run it?s course.
It truly was getting worse though, and I was not satisfied to let it runs it course. I tried every ointment, medication I could think of over a weeks period of time, but nothing worked. I remembered I had ordered some of your ointment for my endurance horse who gets scratches slightly after every ride. I remembered I had the ointment and decided to give it a shot. I would clean her nose best I could and applied you magic ointment liberally for three days. Each day I noticed improvements. I was unable to get out the fourth day, and was completely amazed on the fifth day. Her scabs were 90% gone. I have never experienced such miraculous results from any product. I am truly a believer! I sure wish I had taken those photos." Thank you, Jennifer Layman

"THANKS!!!! Your order for my boarder was received just after I left for 9 days in FLA, so I told her to pick it up at my post office. She did, and she left me a note I received when I got back last night - see what you think of Alex's feet. WOW! They looked baby soft (except in a spot or two up in his fetlocks where she must have missed). The sulfur must be the helper (plus your secrets)! I will shout about it to all, and believe me, I'm a screamer!" Karen J. Zelinsky

Hi Tammy! I wanted to let you know that your ointment is AMAZING! My horse JJ has had trouble with some sort of skin condition since December. The affected area spanned from under his cheeks to his chin and kept spreading despite the many products and methods I used to try and stop it. Nothing seemed to help including products recommended by different vets. Some products made the condition worse and caused the area to flake and even scab in spots. So I'd heard your ointment was great stuff and thought I'd give it a try. What could it hurt, right? The first day I used it was last Saturday when I bought it from you. Three days later after using your product each day the affected area was noticeably smoother and I could even see hair growth where it was practically bald before. Today is day 7 and the entire area has filled in with hair and it looks like nothing ever happened. I barely put a dent in the jar. I will continue to keep your ointment stocked in my supplies and will recommend it to everyone.THANK YOU!! - Felicia Peluso, ETI Corral 69

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